What is a
The Business City?

The first and largest educational city – innovative and integrated to raise awareness of the labor market and its current and future functions in an interactive and non-traditional manner

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What is the goal of
The Business City ?


احتياجات سوق العمل في القطاع الخاص

Labor market needs in the private sector

قطاعات الأعمال ووظائفها

Business sectors and their functions

التخصصات المستقبلية والمهنية والتقنية

Future, technical and vocational majors


المهارات الأساسية لسوق العمل

Basic Skills of the Labor Market

المعارف والمهارات المتخصصة

‏Specialized knowledge and skills


تشبيك الكفاءات مع الشركات

Networking competencies with companies

It also aims to change society’s culture
and stereotype towards many of the job’s opportunities

What Make
The Business City Special?

Integrated City

Includes 20 business sector
20 subsector
+1000 job and career

Interactive Experience

for visitors with interesting tour within the city

Perfect Timing

for school’s trip and educational activities

Pioneering Companies

the participation in available only for the best companies in each field

Welcome To

Your Way To The Future

“The Business City” is your first step in exploring the diverse sectors of the business world and areas of the labor market, as well as knowing the main jobs and the real needs of the labor market.

As you roam around the city, you’ll find “Silicon Valley” from the future to learn about jobs and careers from the new world!

مدينة الأعمال الرقمية | Digital Business City

An interactive electronic version of the city will be available in 360 on the website
To use it all year round




Square Meters – City’s Area


Organization & Pioneering Company


Internship & Job Opportunities


Employee & Volunteer

Who is
The Business City Audience?

Secondary School Student

Chance to know business sectors and the careers included in each

Youth 18-24

Chance to know the needs of labor markets, career paths, internships and employment opportunities

Families and Community

Helping their children to identify their future options

The Main Sectors Of
The Business City

Attractive Content

to introduce business sectors, jobs and careers and the states of labor market

Real Experience

– during the city –

for visitors to understand the nature of each job

Visiting the city will be an
exceptional experience

The Special Booth

that simulates the actual work environment that simulates the actual work environment that simulates

Practical Opportunities

– after the city –

through internship, and employment opportunities in the city’s companies

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